Top 3 Canadian Universities

Canada has many world class universities to offer, three of which are within the top 50 in the world. Another 10 are in the top 200. Canada is one of the best destinations for students in the past 5 years, because it offers many opportunities for young people. The stability of the political scene in the country ensures that young students have security and less worries about their student fees. Many foreign students have chosen Canadian universities because they feel confident that they will receive good career start from a strong educational foundation.

shutterstock_111887177The Top Three Universities

First in the list is McGill University, 24-th in the world. Many international students (from 150 countries) call this place home, and has been the top of medical-doctoral university for 10 years straight. Second is The University of Toronto. 34-th in the world, the birth place of insulin and stem cell research makes it the perfect place to consider studying. Third is the University of British Columbia. It is ranked 50-th worldwide and is a place where 59 000 students call home. 11 500 of which are students from different countries. The are only few of the top. You can apply to all these prestigious via

Learn from Canada

Many other countries can learn from the Canadian type of education. The Canadian universities have grown a lot over the past years, and provide a wide area of material for knowledge-hungry students of the world. The universities also provide a long range of different fields you can focus your efforts in. From science to literature, math to economy, you can never be wrong when you choose a Canadian university. The best of the best are waiting for you to learn and teach others about the ways of knowledge. Everything is possible when you consider studying in Canada.