Health Insurance for Newcomers in Canada

When you arrive in Canada, one of the most important things you will need to look into is health insurance. You receive coverage instantly in most provinces, but many immigrants may not know that health care isn’t always instantly available to them. Provinces like Quebec, British Columbia, New Brunswick, and Ontario require immigrants to wait three months before receiving benefits of health plans. It’s recommended that they apply for short-term, private health care during this waiting period.

Health Insurance for Newcomers in CanadaIf you’re in a province which doesn’t have a waiting period, get a health card for every member of your family. You can get an application form from the health ministry office, doctor’s office, hospital, pharmacy, etc. To apply for health cards, you need a passport, permanent resident confirmation or your birth certificate. Health care services are only provided to people with names on the health cards provided. There are immigrant organizations which help with this too.

The national health care system doesn’t cover dental care, though. There are private insurance plans which do. It’s important to ensure family members are covered in this plan. Some insurance providers also have stipulations regarding the purchase of health insurance which might include standard deadlines for applying for insurance. The cost is going to depend on the type of insurance you choose, your health history and a number of other factors.

When it comes to private health insurance, they can also include health care benefits like medical supplies, prescription drugs, hearing aids, hospital rooms, vision care, complimentary health services, etc. They may also include disability income, travel insurance, dismemberment, and accidental death benefits.

Getting a good health care plan is a very important part of settling down in Canada. In an emergency, it’s important for you to have the proper insurance which meets your needs. Having health care will mean there’s one less issue for you to worry about.

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