All About Universal Health Care in Canada

All About Universal Health Care in CanadaThis system has been established in Canada on the basis of accountability and public trust. The labor union provides solid foundation for public accountability in the system by preserving jobs so workers can work in the public’s interest even when it is conflicting with the interest of their employers.

There are three entities associated with universal health care in Canada. They are:

  • The government: It is a federally funded system, but it is administered separately by each of the territories and provinces. The funds go from the federal to the provincial governments and then the employers. All governments are accountable to the federal government.
  • The employer: Local health care is taken care of by the regional health boards. They employ the people who deliver services to customers and clients who are part of their community. In the smaller territories and provinces, the government itself might just be the employer.
  • The workers: People who provide the care and services to patients and workers who support the services like the food services workers, cleaning staff, electronic data specialists, carpenters, etc.

There’s a self-interest which each of the entities has too:

  • The government: It’s concerned with fiscal accountability and a balanced budget. This might mean raising taxes or reducing services when funds are limited. Labor laws have been passed in most provinces which restrict strikes when it comes to health care so that the public is always protected.
  • The employer: The self-interest of employers is to maintain fund flow so services can be maintained. They also have self-interests in maintaining skills and education of the workforce so that services can be provided to meet challenges.
  • The workers: The people work for their own interest. They all work together. There is a strong framework in place for public accountability which supports the health care system since public and self-interest aren’t compatible all the time.

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